Unfortunately, we can’t take on any more clients until the campaign is finished. We have been very excited to see the interest in Store 2 U Express and are as sorry as anyone that for the 2020 Campaigning Season CEO and Founder Matthew Heines doesn’t have the time to run a company and a political campaign full-time. But at this time, all good men must come to the aid of our country.

$25 Groceries to Redmond, Washington. As Easy as 1,2,3.

“Store 2 U Express Will Pick Up At Store.”


Order from your favorite online grocery store or shopping service and pay online. In the delivery instructions say, "Store 2 U Express driver will pick up at store online shopping collection point" and leave a password the Store 2 U Express driver will use to pick up the groceries.

How To Use Store 2 U Express


Once you receive notification your order is ready for pick-up, submit Store 2 U Express payment on the PayPal link below based on your bill before taxes or in store shopping charges. Email us a screenshot of your receipt and the password to orders@store2uexpress.com.

Subtotal Amount
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We will acknowledge your order with the details of the safe, contact free delivery. If there are any problems with the order, we will notify you via email and, if necessary, refund your money immediately on PayPal.

Why Store 2 U Express is the answer to the Grocery Delivery Crises.

One Time or Every Time. No Apps. No Hidden Fees. No Memberships. Just Great Service.

They do the Buying.

We do the Flying.

No matter what service you use to shop online, once the items are paid for and ready for pick up at the store, that’s where we take over. Simply calculate the delivery charges on the PayPal Pay button above, pay through Visa or Mastercard and submit your payment. Email us a photocopy of your receipt and we will reply with confirmation and details of the delivery.  

As easy as 1, 2, 3.

Why would you be here...

Let's Face Facts

A trip to the grocery store has turned into a real shop of horrors. In addition to being treated like a  an alien from outer space by the store staff, you also have to risk exposure to a virus that could kill you. Why bother? Shop online and leave the delivery to someone you trust, in 30 Minutes or Less.

...when you could be here?

Safety first. We don't do stairs.

For safety reasons and to keep your costs down, we will have designated drop off points and pick up areas in your apartment or office building. 

There are some things we don't deliver.

store 2u Express

Due to our strict no-contact policy, Store 2U Express cannot deliver any item requiring identification for proof of age. 

What are you waiting for?

Things obviously aren’t get better anytime soon.  See our Contact Page, get on our Store 2U Express List and enjoy uninterrupted service. 

Do you want Store 2U Express service in your area?

It’s easy! Just contact your local merchant and/ or real estate property manager and have them contact us!

*Redmond, Washington city limits only...for now.

Don’t worry. We’ll be growing soon to your neighborhood.