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Proud of What We’ve Done

Store 2U Express is a veteran owned business. Founder Matthew D. Heines served as a US Paratrooper in the US Army before graduating from Washington State University and completing a Master’s Degree at the University of Alaska in Anchorage. After teaching for over twenty years. Matthew Heines is now active in Washington State politics and is the author of seven books. He is also the host of Encounters USA, the acclaimed paranormal oriented podcast and YouTube Channel.

Proud of What We Do

Store 2U Express is proud to serve the Seattle’s Eastside Communities by offering access to the great books, apparel and merchandise you need to survive in style in the Pacific Northwest. While you are shopping don’t forget to check out our affiliates and their products at, Books in, Encounters USA and Vote 4 Heines. 

Welcome to my great Heines Sites! 

When you want to find even more about websites, podcasts and blogs by Matthew Heines, your first stop should be Encounters USA.

Encounters USA is the sister podcast to Books in Heinessight. Aliens, Bigfoot and Dogman. It’s what we do.
Books in Heinessight is the Podcast where Readers Meet Authors.

Of course, the best place for Matthew Heines insights, or Heinessights, is going to be

This is the author website for Matthew Heines. It contains information about Matthew Heines the author.

You can also find info about books, the latest blogs and even video and podcast release scheduled for other sites are all on one central Heines Site.

Books, Blogs and Updates on the latest videos, interviews, products and other cool stuff.
Don’t Make Me Go Mamasaurus on You

Gifts for Women at Work was started by my wife after she transitioned from teaching in the Middle East to working in a high pressure business environment in the US.

Her upbringing and work in diverse cultures make her an expert in workplace relationships.

Click here for the Gifts for Women at Work blog. You’ll find all kinds of ideas for gifts that keep on giving.

You will find hundreds of Great ideas about when to give, how to give and why to use gift giving to grow your business.

Matthew Heines Freedom Fighter

The Future is What You Make It

For all the latest on the Matthew Heines campaign for the United States House of Representatives, just go to

Remember to Vote 4 Heines before the coms take over.

Now, for more fun and thrills, why don’t you check out the Store 2U Express blog?

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