Born in the Pacific Northwest - Veteran Owned - American Proud

Proud of What We've Done

Store 2U Express is a veteran owned business. Founder Matthew D. Heines served as a US Paratrooper in the US Army before graduating from Washington State University and completing a Master’s Degree at the University of Alaska in Anchorage. After teaching for over twenty years. Matthew Heines is now active in Washington State politics and is the author of seven books. He is also the host of Encounters USA, the acclaimed paranormal oriented podcast and YouTube Channel.

Proud of What We Do

Store 2U Express

Store 2U Express is proud to be the fastest and easiest grocery store pick up and delivery service, where it is available*. After you place your order online with your favorite merchant’s website and check out, go to and send us a secure PayPal payment with the details of the purchase and delivery. Except for retrieving the items from a designated drop point, your shopping is finished. We will send you an email once the delivery is complete. 

*Currently we are looking to expand into the Kirkland, Bothell and Woodinville areas. If you want your favorite stores to offer this service contact the manager now.

From War

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Looking for a Few Good Vets

Store 2U Express hires and is looking to hire veterans of our elite military units who are looking for a great place to work and use their mission-first attitude to ensure America’s families are getting the things they need safely and securely. We’re looking for: Ex-Special Forces, Paratroopers, Rangers, S.E.A.L.s, Air Force Paras and Marine Recon veterans. If you are looking to run with America’s elite food delivery service, or you just need something to do until things get better, please submit a resume to our email address.

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